As a Learning Organization, Introspection is Good

Not everything goes as planned, or goes well. Just as often unanticipated moments make our day!  

Given that FYS strives to be a learning organization, I think it would be great to get a little introspective…How’d your day go? What can we learn from your experiences, good and bad?

I’ll start. I needed to do a better job of developing questions that lead to cross-talk, not Q&A with me. I need better ways to inject ideas that flourish into discussion. Some of this will be a factor of time, but my actions can dictate how much time. Today I told them how I expected this – but than failed to model it.

On the other hand, I think I did a good job of limiting my talking time. It was less than 30 percent, and it was usually in response to a student’s comment (meaning they drove the conversation). 



  1. I have the usual list of self improvement items- among them, the encouragement of cross-talk as Thomas suggested. Sometimes my enthusiasm for wanting to encourage a trusting learning environment is a bit ” overdone” even by my standards. I will curb this on Wednesday. Good intentions….

    My PC’s are highly motivated and engaging. They will be a good balance.

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  2. I, too, would have liked more cross-talk but we spent – my PCs and I – time on introductions and icebreakers, making certain students formed a circle so that they would talk “to each other” and not “at each other.” We also discussed that the classroom is a “safe place” for argument and discussion, agreement and disagreement. Happily, the PCs have my permission to tell me to “hush up” (usually not like that) and so I did not talk as much as usual.


  3. My three classes are highly interactive and talkative. They all bonded well and enjoyed the time. They were appreciative that they got to talk with each other because they hadn’t had that in their other classes. But, as we must also reflect on what we could do to improve, I think I need to bring back the seriousness of the endeavor. They had a lot of fun, but I don’t want the class to see this as only a lot of fun.


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