Continued Divergence in Phase III/IV


By Wednesday the expectation is that our students will have the first version of their digital posters complete. We will move on to poster chat. This is when each student shows the rest of the class what their poster looks like while explaining what it is about. The class will give feedback and suggestions. Students can take the audience information to revise the posters. This worked well last year. Fingers crossed that this year will produce a similar positive outcome.


This week, hopefully, Guiding Questions become clearer, research gets deeper, Issue Maps go from messy to even more messy, posters (electronic or physical) are beginning to take their true shape, and the Phase III paper is in its final form (I give them extra time to explain the research they have used through the process before submitting the essay online).  Each class takes its own shape; some students are raring to go while others are just realizing how much work they need to do to even be close to the others. 


We are drafting the issue maps this week before putting them on the tri-folds. We are also doing traditional posters. And we will be chatting about ways to talk about our Guiding Question and it’s complexity.


We have uploaded our issue maps and disciplinary grids and are working on the background/history portions of the posters. We are doing traditional posters so they have been asked to purchase them. We will work on posters one day this week and the students will publish their findings on their class question.


Depending on what comes out of AI tomorrow, we may spend some time Wednesday Issue Mapping it as a class; we also plan to continue/wrap up the debate or discussion about the ‘Standard of Beauty’ – I borrowed the idea from Sig.  The dialogue was really robust. 

Overarching this week is the essay due.

Friday will focus on the connectivity of nodes. Couple of possible activities for that.

Next Monday & Wednesday will be in-class poster presentations….still deciding on format….suggestions are always welcome.

BTW, the ‘Ask Away’ event is scheduled for Tuesday night 11/3 at 9:15. The promoters have floated this idea: have students attend that event in lieu of class on Friday 11/6 – the day before Thanksgiving break when some may be leaving early for the holiday week. The event is being heralded as a forum for more in-depth discussion/root causes of current topics. I’m leaning in that direction; mandatory attendance.


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