As we wrap up week two

As we end week two (it’s already February!) I have two things on my mind (my reflection).

Both stem from a question I got from a colleague who didn’t think my course was a good idea.  They were incredulous that I had “zero” accountability and no set meeting times. 

“They’re probably playing you,” he quipped.

I told him he was wrong.  In fact I have the best sort of accountability system.  I have trust.  Trust – to me – means a willingness to be vulnerable to someone else.  To build a trusting relationship requires me to be vulnerable to you.

My bet is that when you are free to choose, you will choose doing what’s right.  When you are compelled (by policy) and have no choice it’s actually easier to blow it off.  Why?  Your integrity isn’t on the line, only a policy violation.

Teams built on trust – not rules – are superior.  

My second thought involves your definitions.  What’s central to what *is* leadership, and what’s peripheral?  Is trust essential to or the results of leadership?   

Think about that…what is essential to knowing what leadership is vs. what you see when you know leadership is present.  

If the definition has everything, it sort of contains nothing.  Be precise.  


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